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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hotdogs from Heaven

There was a young single mom who had recently been deserted by her husband and left with two young daughters.  As hard as she tried, she couldn't find work and the money and food began to dwindle quickly.

One Saturday morning, she opened the only thing left in her cupboard - a box of cereal.  She sighed in relief seeing that there was just enough for two bowls.  Her children could have breakfast.  She wondered about lunch.  She took two bowls down from the cupboard, grabbed a couple of spoons out of one of the kitchen drawers and set them on the table.  Walking over to the refrigerator, she grabbed the carton of milk that was almost empty and went to the cupboard again to get two glasses.

As she poured the last of the cereal and milk into the bowls and glasses, she silently prayed, "Okay, God.  This is all there is in this house to eat.  I've got some breakfast here for my daughters, but lunch and dinner are going to have to be your problem."  She called the girls into the table and smiled as she watched them eat the last bit of food in the house.

After clearing the table and cleaning things up, the young mother walked into her living room.  Looking out the front window she saw that something was laying in her yard near the street.  She couldn't quite tell what it was, so she decided to go outside to investigate.  "Oh," she thought as she reached down to pick it up, "it's just one of those silly ads."  She opened it up to see what the ad was about.

The bright colored ad told all about a new store near their neighborhood that was celebrating a grand opening all day long.  Part of the celebration included free hot dogs, a bag of chips and a free soda to everyone that came to the store that afternoon!  The young mom laughed out loud, looked up into the bright blue sky full of soft fluffy clouds and whispered out loud, "Thanks for lunch, God.  But, I'm still going to need supper."

She happily ran inside the house and called to her daughters.  The precious little girls came out and listened as their mother told them they would be visiting a new store, but that they were only going to be looking - not buying anything.  The girls listened attentively with big eyes wide opened as they understood their mother explain that money was tight.

Later that afternoon, leaving the house, the young mother locked her deadbolts tight and they all got into the car and drove off to the new store.  As they got out of the car, the mother reminded her playful daughters that they were only to look - not buy today.  They all three reached the sidewalk at the same time, and there a friendly man greeted them with a smile.  He handed each one of them a hot dog, bag of chips and a soda of their choice.  He pointed the way to the condiments and napkins. 

The faithful mother watched her young daughters eat as they stood around the hot dog stand.  She helped them hold their sodas while they ate.  When the children were finished, she asked them if they were full and, having trouble waiting to go inside, they both said that they had plenty to eat.  The mother felt satisfied and happy that her children didn't have to know hunger just yet.

After they all looked at every little thing in the new store, they got back into the car to head home.  Upon arriving home, the mother unlocked the deadbolt on her front door.  Standing in the doorway, she could see directly into the kitchen and onto the table.  There was some sort of green paper on the table.  She knew she had cleared the table before they left, so she walked over to investigate.

She looked down at the paper with tears of joy streaming down her face.  She picked it up and held it in her hands.  It was a one-hundred dollar bill!  Again, she thanked God, wondering how in the world it got onto her kitchen table when all her deadbolts had been locked.  When she got herself together, she made a grocery list and headed back out to the store.

My timer has gone off, but I had to finish the story as I didn't want to leave my readers hanging.  This is a true story.  I know it to be true because it happened to me many years ago.  My God supplies all my needs, just like He promised.  He always has and He always will.

Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Americans.  Check back with me tomorrow and be sure to leave me a comment and tell your friends about my new blog.

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