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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bad Day - Part Two

It had been six months since Joey had come home from his business trip only to learn that his wife had left him for another man.  Their divorce had finalized a couple of weeks ago and Joey had moved on with his life.  As a matter of fact, Joey had moved - moved to a different state.

When Joey had found out that his marriage had ended, he decided to make a clean breast of things and move away - get a different job - start over.  It seemed that everywhere he went he would be reminded of her.  He'd pass the grocery store and remember that they had always gone together.  He'd go to the drug store and remember the perfume he bought for her one Saturday afternoon.  Everyday on his way to work, he would pass their favorite restaurant - the one where he proposed to her and they had celebrated a few anniversaries.

So, Joey moved.  He moved to Minnesota and got an office job at a small shipping company there.  He liked his new job.  He liked his boss and he was hoping he was going to like his newly assigned secretary.  He had learned that she was vacationing somewhere in Europe - Italy, wasn't it?

Joey looked around his new office and then walked over to the window to look out the third story.  His boss walked in and stood in the doorway.

"Good morning, Joey," Mr. Ripley loudly welcomed.  "We're glad to have you on here.  I think you're going to like working here.  We're small, but that makes us more like family.  Your secretary should be getting back on Monday.  Is there, uh, anything I can do for you until then?  Do you need a temp?"

Joey turned around to face Mr. Ripley.  Mr. Ripley was a middle-aged man with a balding head and round belly stuffed into a brown suit with a white shirt and orange and brown striped tie.  The tie caught Joey's eye.  He tried not to stare.

"No," Joey replied.  "I think I'll be okay without a secretary for the first week.  It will give me a chance to get to know the place better."

"Well, I'm just down the hall, if you need anything.  Don't hesitate to ask,"  Mr. Ripley blurted out as he turned to go towards his office.

It was five o'clock and Joey was tired and ready to go back to his small apartment.  He took the bus home, walked up the three flights of stairs and took his shoes off as soon as he entered the apartment.  His feet hurt and he was hungry.

He went to the kitchen and opened the cupboard.  Not much.  Soup.  He saw a can of soup.  He'd eat that now and if he got hungry again later, he'd go down to the deli and get a sandwich.  He reached in the bread box and pulled out a couple of slices of bread planning to butter them well.

He sat down at the table and looked at his small meal and felt a wave of loneliness come over him.  He thought of his ex-wife and the nice meals she would fix for them.  Then, he remembered the pain from her adultery and decided not to think of her.  But, he still felt lonely.  Maybe he should start dating.  Maybe getting out once in awhile would help with the loneliness.  It would be good to meet new people and get out of the tiny apartment now and then.

So, that's what he decided he would do.  He'd start dating.  Why not?  Everything else was new.  His job, his apartment - even the state he lived in.  Joey decided he'd look around for a nice girl to ask out.  No more lonely nights with a can of soup for Joey!

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